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Head Lice Can Be Difficult…

Lice Removal Stars knows how hard head lice can be to eliminate.  With plenty of knowledge and understanding about this pesky little parasitic bug, A few great lice treatment remedies, and skilled hair combing methods, lice will not survive this treatment service.

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 Parasitic Lice make   you feel itchy, sick       and irritable.

Discovery of lice is overwhelming, with some headlice nit removal treatment help you can start feeling better soon. 

                     Lice Removal Stars Mobile Head Lice Treatment Service                                                   offers only non-toxic, pesticide free products,                                        affordable head lice nit removal treatments same day in your home.
                            Manual removal of lice, eggs, nymphs and nits
    Call 503-753-3863, for a head lice treatment quote, most treatments              range from $125.00 for 1.5 hours – $275.00 for 3 hours of combing                                                    treatment and $50.00 per hour after.

                   A declining discounted rate benefits household groups,                                                           who need to be treated for head lice as well.   
    Through Head lice combing treatments take 2-3 hours per head.

   How to Check For Head LicE

               Check hair regularly for lice, eggs and nits, daily before starting treatment.

                                                                     In bright light or sunlight.     


                                                          With clean, wet, detangled parted hair.     



                                                  Nits are tear shaped, white-beige and will be at the roots, the nape of the neck – ears.

                                                                            Bend hair in a slight bow, nits protrude out past hair.

                                                                                  Movement from normal brushing will occur.


                  You can use tweezers to pull hair out, slide nit down hair shaft to verify.


                              Head Lice are obvious with significant amount of nymphs, adult louse, nits.                   

                Live head lice range from a pencil dot – size of a sesame seed.


            Lice Removal Stars can help you to stay head lice free!

                                                                                                                  Lice Removal Stars

   A Professional Head Lice-Nit Removal Combing Treatment takes the pain out of head lice nit removal treatments!

             Benefits of A Lice Removal Stars Professional Head Lice Nit Removal Treatment

    Don’t Struggle With Head Lice Nit Removal…

Lice Removal Stars guarantees that you will successfully eliminate Lice For Good.

Through a lifetimes experience with suffering and treating lice and going out in the field to help people suffering with headlice, Lice Removal Stars knows a lot about Lice.  You will be satisified knowing that there will be an end to the problem of headlice. 


Save Time And Money By Learning exactly what you need to know to conqure Head Lice for Good

Many people spend lots of time and money trying to eliminate lice from their lives.  Since they don’t completely understand what is actually going on top their head, they go round in circles and headlice keeps winning. 

Stop the headlice cycle with   Lice Removal Stars.


Trying to eliminate large Bugs, eggs and Nits in your own Hair is Hard, Time Consuming and exhausting. Especially without clear direction

Especially when you are not confident with what you are doing is correct.  Spending excessive time and money only to have the lice come back is not a satisfying experience. A Professional head lice nit removal treatment will turn you into the expert on head lice.

A Professional Head Lice Nit Removal Combing is great tech Support

Maybe you already know a lot about lice but you still aren’t sucessful with complete headlice elimination.  A professional head lice treatment combing will point out areas that you may have been overlooking and guide you in the right direction.

  With a fresh direction and some new ideas you can tackle               headlice like a star!


    The Lice Removal Stars Company

Lice Removal Stars

 Helping you to be Lice Free!


Lice Removal Stars is dedicated to non-toxic pesticide free head lice nit removal treatments, same day in your home, providing headlice nit removal combing and education for complete elimination and prevention of parasitic headlice. 

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