Lice Removal Stars Mobile Head Lice Nit Removal Treatment Services

Lice Removal Stars provides mobile head lice treatments in your home, teaching you what you need to know to be head lice free.

Identifying head lice can be a challenge if you have never dealt with lice before, this guide will help to identify the louse, eggs and nits.

How to Check For Head LicE

       Check hair regularly for lice, eggs and nits, daily before starting treatment.

                                                    In bright light or sunlight.                                                    

    With clean, wet, detangled parted hair.     


Lice eggs are tear shaped, white-beige and will be at the roots, the nape of the neck – ears.


      Bend hair in a slight bow, eggs protrude out past hair.  Movement from normal brushing will occur.


              You can use tweezers to pull hair out, slide egg down hair shaft to verify.

       Head Lice are obvious with significant amount of nymphs, adult louse, nits.

  Live head lice range from a pencil dot – size of a sesame seed.



Lice Removal Stars can help you to stay head lice free!

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   A Professional Head Lice-Nit Removal Combing Treatment teaches head lice nit removal!